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MeTube 2 is out !
Director: Daniel Moshel

We have been to Daniels youtube release party in Vienna last weekend and had a blast.
Also we were finally able to meet most of the lovely people who participated in this film.

We want to congratulate Daniel and all others for another great piece that not only won recognition at Sundance twice now but it has also been selected as vimeo staff pick yesterday.

Check out for more background info here:


Vienna, 12th of April 2016.
After their first successfull cooperation MeTube: August sings Carmen “Habanera”, director Daniel Moshel and opera singer August Schram teamed up with the Bavarian State Opera to produce the sequel.
“MeTube 2: August sings Carmina Burana” held it’s world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and will be released to www.metube.at and YouTube today.

After Elfie and her nerdy son August have successfully proven themselves in front of their webcam at home in MeTube 1, the odd pair now ventures onto the street to present a performance surpassing every flash mob the street has ever witnessed. Having triumphantly mastered the “Habanera”, August now gets to taste fame and glory with Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” and yet again has to confront his superior mother as goddess Fortuna.

MeTube 2 Making Of: watch no!

Bayerische Staatsoper, Digic Pictures, Platige, Cmocos, Lacklust, Die Leinwand Helden, The Grand Post

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Twosevenlab, Believe Media