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Anthony Capristo



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Anthony was born in 1986 and raised by his multi-cultural parents with an Italian-German background. Even as a small kid he was obsessed with two things driving forces his entire life: movies and sports. Influenced by his passion for classics and independent movies he went to film school and graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in Digital Media, specializing in Directing, in 2014.

Since then he is working as a director of commercials and music videos for well-known brands such as Adidas, Absolut, SK-II and more. In 2018 his Nike spec commercial „Free Your Mind“ ran on worldwide festivals and won multiple awards including Best Film at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival. His work got also featured on platforms like Horizont, Ad Age, LBB Online, Boooooom, Ads of the World, Director’s Notes and Stash Media.

In 2019 he shot a global campaign film for SK-II in Tokyo starring World’s first virtual model Imma, japanese movie superstar Ayase Haruka, South African model Behato Prinsloo and Chinese singer-songwriter Leah Dou.

His work pairs a strong eclectic visual style with an engaging interpretive narrative. It’s his drive to create something artistic that is unique and rare and at best lives longer than himself, which is a pretty romantic notion.