CHEVALINE – title sequenz, Camille & Jean Baptiste

Camille & Jean Baptiste


VEET – set them free

ADOBE substance

TAUR musicvideo


CITROEN ami one




DIOR happy blooming spring

DIOR once upon a wish



Jean Baptiste and Camille met while working in team at MAC GUFF visual effects company based in Paris.

Jean Baptiste had already made a few short films combining cinematography and motion design, with an emphasis on lighting, framing, and an aesthetic and insightful approach to everyday life.

Camillehad worked on rather complex projects in which the creative influence involve consistent storytelling, mastering the art of shooting films and theuse of 3D effects. Together, these two styles would match perfectly, and brought out the best in each of the talented directors. Simple visual effects and magic
tricks to support an inspired poetic vision.

Graduated from ESAG-Penninghen Paris and was trained as a Graphic Designer. Evolving through various backgrounds, from video games industry to corporate films, Lefournier directed motion design films for couturiers and fashion brands such as Issey Miyake, Cartier, and Lancaster. His passion for idents and title sequences started when he was shown Kyle Cooper’s Se7en opening titles in art school. Typography is surely a creative field that Lefournier handles with a fussy care to keep his creative work consistent. As consequence he was involved in designing title sequence for long feature films along his collaboration with Mac Guff.
(pioneer VFX studio in Paris) Developing cinematography skills he got involved increasingly in shooting live action at magic hour in foreign cities and remote places (Hawaii, Bangkok, San Francisco).

After a degree in architecture, Camille Bovier Lapierre finished SupInfoCom, a School of graphics and special effects, from which he graduated with honors. This opened doors for him at leading French special effects studios, such as Duboi, buff and Mac Guff Ligne. In 2003, he directed his first music video „Alexis Hk, C’que t’es belle,“ which was screened at many international festivals and marked the beginning of his
career as a director. Mixing live action with digital effects, Lapierre’s films are strongly influenced by graphic design. Lapierre uses 2D or 3D digital tools to alter or enhance reality. At the same time he invests in fiction with the completion of his first medium length film, Mice (A Cat) & Men which was released in 2011.