RED BULL X RB LEIPZIG, Daniel Michaelis

Daniel Michaelis


LAMBORGHINI HURACAN – music to your ears

VW GOLF GTI generations

MERCEDES AMG legendary


AKRAPOVIC – tribute to superbikes

INCOMPARABLE (feat. AMG GT C Roadster & 190 SL)

AUDI TT what does it take




Daniel Michaelis is a film and advertisement director/director of photography born 1986, based in Germany. He is specialized in directing automotive films.

His career started by uploading his first video on YouTube in 2009 which became a viral. With the start of his first commercial films for Nissan and Porsche he founded the automotive lifestyle brand and production company FORMAT67 which later became his base for passionate automotive films.

As a cinematographer he bears some similarities with a Japanese supercar, in that no-one can really explain how the electrics work. But if you just put your trust in him, he produces amazing results. Despite taking a rather classical approach to cinematography, he keeps coming up with innovative ideas and impressive imagery acknowledged by car enthusiasts and by the automotive industry around the world.

In 2013 he worked in the USA for a documentary called „GOLDRUSH RALLY – IT’S WHAT WE DO“ which had its premier during SEMA at the legendary Brenden Theatres in Las Vegas.

In 2014 Daniel’s expertise was provided to produce an automotive related TV show in Germany. After that success he aligned his focus again towards the automotive industry and created the latest highlight film for AUDI and Mercedes.

In 2018 he won the „BEST COMMERCIAL AWARD“ at the International Motor Film Awards for Mercedes-AMG „Incomparable“.