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Dominik Wieschermann

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Dominik was born in early spring 1983 in West Germany. He grew up with his beloved parents, two brothers, his grandparents, a dog, and a massive cat in an old but lovely house outside of the city.

Dominik built an early interest in fine arts, photography, literature, and design and got strongly inspired by the subcultures of hip-hop, skateboarding, and hardcore-punk. After high-school, he started to study visual-communication and design and worked as a freelance graphic designer for record-companies and musicians. He built himself a silkscreen-print workspace in his apartment  to print T-shirts, Stickers, and Posters  and developed his black and white photography in the school’s lab.

Following, Dominik got a grant to study fine arts at the University of Barcelona, where he started to grow a more significant interest in animation and experimental-film. He worked on several video-installations and experimental short-films and exhibited his work among others in the CCCB. After his graduation, he worked as a freelance motion-designer in Milan and became a full-time Animation-Director at Sehsucht in Hamburg. After a few years of writing concepts and directing projects for so-called top-notch clients, Dominik followed his inner voice and started a career as a freelance director.

To make things more complicated, he also became a father in the very same year. Since that, he worked for many international clients, moved cities, traveled a lot, laughed, cried, produced, slept less, wrote, read, directed and shot a full-length feature film, worked on commercials, music videos, fashion films, and made a lot of new friends.

Above all, Dominik believes resolutely in personal relationships built on trust and sympathy that persist beyond major-deals, gridlocked hierarchies, and big-headed egos.

Today Dominik is 36 years old and a proud father of two lovely kids.

He is currently based in Germany and is available for commercial projects while he is writing his first narrative screenplay.