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Don Jorge



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Don Jorge is a german born filmdirector, writer and surrealist photographer.
He studied communication design at the art academy and filmdirector at KHM Cologne. Throughout his rookie years, he shot tons of musicvideos and tv documentaries. He is always on the move and still interested in many things. That’s the reason why he used to work as a DJ, Remixer, Producer and also as an A&R Manager and Creative Director in the music industry.
Nowadays he is mainly focussing on his profession as a commercial film director. Since a couple of years he is part of the reknown director’s collective The Dons.

Don Jorge is a real travelling soul, a kind of digital nomad and living in southern europe for many years.
His directing focus in terms of commercial work is mainly on content in a high end style, real people, authentic stuff, outdoors, sports, storytelling, purpose and humor. He loves to shoot mostly outside of the studio in the real world and environment. Nature. Ocean. Mountains. Forests. Jungle. Deserts. Cities. In a highly visual and strongly storydriven style.

Beside his commercial work, he is also preparing cineastic fictional projects.
This year his long awaited strange but funny mockumentary „Isso“ will be released. A film showing him driving across germany to poland, 1300 km on a small moped, eating sausages, exploring is home country and hunting his own little demons.

He is also writing and preparing a dark psychothriller series called „Anectine“ and an adventurous steampunk scifi fantasy series called „San Borondon“.