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Dustin Schöne


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Creativity never follows a set plan. Dustin Schöne is a great example of the fact that it definitely pays to get off of the beaten path to reach your goals.

It was while working as an editor for a publishing house that Dustin discovered his passion for film. Deciding to forego a classic film university education has enabled him to develop his own visual language, far removed from the conventional standard.

A native Berliner, he decided to move to Düsseldorf to take a chance at working in the film industry. This quickly paid off: he built up a portfolio that included numerous high-quality advertising and portrait films, as well as music videos and lifestyle productions.

As diverse as these fields are, Dustin’s sense of aesthetics: an up close and personal narrative technique coupled with emotional moments, unify his work. This unique style has already proven to be a favourite amongst clients such as Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, Nike and Warsteiner.