Emilia Möbus



CHAMPIONS LEAGUE blowing bubbles

PENNY erstmal zuhause


Emilia was born in 1993 in Hamburg. She took some time to get inspired before settling for one job and so she studied theatre science, psychology and catholic theology in Vienna before applying to film school in Munich.

There she studied production but soon figured out, that she really liked directing, and even more directing spots that she had developed herself. So she graduated from film school as quickly as she could and now works as a director and copywriter for Serviceplan in Munich – and she’s pretty happy with that.

Her spots won numerous awards at festivals worldwide including The Young Ones, New York Festivals and ADC Germany. In 2020 she shot the #homefirst campaign spot for PENNY which has been featured on several platforms including HORIZONT and adage. She just recently received the Young Director Award in Cannes for her Spec “Blowing Bubbles”.

Her work focuses on emotional storytelling. She is always on the hunt for the most subtle, authentic moments, and loves to capture them with a documentary approach working with real life people (preferably kids, cause kids are fun). Being a quick decision maker, „run and gun“ is her thing.