WAYFAIR – living with wayfair, Ivan Jurado

Ivan Jurado


WW – wellbeing that works

DECATHLON – life, the sport we love

ASTARA – for the love of the moment

EAST london


RAK – tourism

TOYOTA corolla

VODAFONE giga cube





Ivan’s deep, endless love for the moving image can be felt through Ivan’s easy, joyous films. His work is contemporary and dynamic, matching a rich cinematic style with a natural, playful warmth. Ivan is a master at making the physicality of his subjects an extension of the film’s narrative, bringing to life every individual character’s innate charm, confidence or irresistible swagger.

Ivan studied advertising but already knew his passion lay with image making. After graduating he worked as an advertising photographer for many years, eventually realizing his true calling was for directing. This background in advertising gives Ivan a uniquely holistic and collaborative approach. Every time he starts a new project he strives to visualize it from various points of view: as a consumer, as a client and of course as a director. This empathy and his innate enthusiasm is a powerful source for the crew and cast on every Ivan Jurado set. In turn making his films a visually stimulating, positively delightful viewing experience.