STORIES WE ALL SHARE, Jeroen Willekens

Jeroen Willekens



COTE D’OR – christmas


COCA COLA – empty bottles

UNILIN – hero

DAG ALLEMAAL – dancing




Q MUSIC – summer


A storyteller with a passion for human connection.

After honing my craft in TV & documentary, I dived into the world of commercials. Most of all, I love commercials that get straight to the emotion. Moments on screen are relatable when the emotion is authentic, and discovering authentic emotion is my forte.

I see my style as classic storytelling with a modern twist. I use the tools, I don’t let them use me. My background as a ballet dancer suffuses my approach with an intuition for rhythm and tempo.

With two small kids and a truly awesome wife, I get the nuances of family life: the downs as well as the ups, the glorious imperfection of it all. In an age that constantly strives for perfection, but often finds fakeness, we forget that humanity is naturally imperfect. Imperfection is the beauty spot, the visible brushstroke on the canvas of an image that feels real.

Directing isn’t just my job. It’s my passion. Every film is a chance to connect with clients, creatives and audiences on a deep level. I’m hands-on. I thrive on collaboration. I pour my heart into each project, which is how I create the most impactful work. I guide clients every step of the way, from treatment to final edit. I see my role as orchestrating the talents I’m lucky enough to work with, to find together the most thrilling solution to the unique puzzle that is every film.