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Kris Debusscher

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SUZUKI sashimi



Kris Debusscher is a film director. A sort of a smart joker. He can help the creative teams and brainstorm with them to make scripts fun to watch for the audience. Much like a script doctor for film commercials.

He’s an experienced film director specialized in comedy and even sometimes emotion. A smile and a tear are not so far from each other.

Because we all know media has changed, shooting and especially editing a commercial for tv is absolutely not the same thing as editing for social media and the internet.

His job is to shoot and tell a story in any format from 3 seconds films to 30 seconds films. And believe it or not, even longer films. Including the different grammar needed for skippable or un-skippable edits.
Kris is here to help, to anticipate the right edit, injecting the perfect joke and rhythm, at any level of humour.

All together let’s put a smile on the viewer’s face and make something that he will remember while understanding the message.

Humor is a serious business, please enjoy his recent work.