STEIGER STIFTUNG – dc, Lukas Tielke

Lukas Tielke

ALDI – dc

FRIENDSHIP – la vita semplice

VW POLO – dc

ARAG – dc

PORSCHE cayenne coupé turbo gt

PORSCHE exclusive



KABBANI trailer

OPPO see beyond (DC)

PORSCHE TAYCAN experts of speed


BMW overcoming all opsticales

PORSCHE i am athlete

BMW safety car

FALKE impuls running


BMW chasing excitement

JEEP no more distance



Lukas’ love of film began at the age of 12, making movies with his father’s VHS camera. A self-taught filmmaker, by the age of 20 he had progressed his skills in all aspects of film production, with a focus on action sports he received international recognition for a number of films. Lukas’ attention to detail and relentless drive to produce more cinematic films led him to the advertising industry in 2013.

Lukas continued to develop his personal style, crafting highly dynamic and emotive imagery; characteristics present in all his commercial works, ranging from fashion to car commercials.

Capturing authentic human moments is at the centre of his films, portrayed in engrossing images. Lukas’ background as a self taught filmmaker allows him to take a hands on approach to directing, and affords him the skills to work in a wide range of environments.