SOUNDS OF THE CITY – cypher supply, Marcel Mazurek

Marcel Mazurek


SCHWEPPES – malfy rosa white berry

SCHWEPPES x ABSOLUT – watermelon

ASICS (spec)


FIGUR LEMUR – masterplan

MELE – rosalie



Marcel Mazurek is a German-Polish director of photography.

He was born in 1991 in Dannenberg, Germany and grew up in a small town near Wroclaw, Poland. After moving back to Germany at the age of nine, he got his first Gameboy color. The Gameboy sparked his interest in games. After playing Pokémon for a long time, he discovered other games like Counter-Strike.

He quickly realized that it would be a great idea to record and edit scenes from the games with his friends. This was the beginning of a great adventure where he could gain experience in editing.

After school and several internships in the film industry, his interest shifted to working behind the camera. Marcel studied film at the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund from 2016 – 2020, where he developed his visual language. He always tries to create atmospheric images that chase the zeitgeist by finding new ways to tell stories visually. Marcel gets his inspiration by studying photo books of famous photographers, listening to rap music and sometimes just observing the light in different places.

Marcel is fluent in English and Polish.

Besides his love for filmmaking and analog photography, Marcel is still a passionate gamer, on rainy days you can sometimes find him on de_dust2.