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My name is Montague Fendt.

I am a Swiss director and cinematographer living in Beijing and Switzerland.

My start in the film industry began after graduating from the University of Zurich, with degrees in Film and Sinology. Soon afterwards, I relocated to the thriving and throbbing city of Beijing in search of the new and unconventional, as well as to decorate my CV and practice my then fledging Mandarin.

My career in China has led me to work on sets of both local and international productions, from film to advertising. In the short yet colorful 10+ years I have been in the industry, I’ve had amazing opportunities to work with an eclectic array of people; talents from all over China, the US and Europe; amongst them even personal heroes along the likes of Arthur Cohn, Emmanuel Lubezki, Sean Ellis, Mark Toia, Chris Menges. Each and every one have either inspired, taught or both, and add to an ever growing collection of stories, visual or otherwise.

In my personal work, I am drawn to the contrasting elements of our dystopian world, the anti-heroes in unlikely places, and the harsh beauty of extreme sports and raw nature.
For more than a decade have China and its vibrant, clashing bustle and cultural gaps inspired and pushed me to find new limits in my works. While sometimes exhausting, the rapidly changing pace of China has not ceased to motivate me in creating visual stories.

I have a great deal of passion for the arts, both professional and personal. I hope, through my work you are able to see and feel it.