FORGOTTEN – documentary, Moritz Quente

Moritz Quente

TATOO ARTIST – jamie paes





HWK – stuckateurmeister


Moritz started filming and taking pictures in his youth. Since then, his creativity has been his constant companion. He burns to bring stories to life, to experience and capture the emotions of others. Moritz recognizes the special in the simplest things, feels the energy in every situation. It often suffices to take one look and he already sees the entire film pictorially before his eyes. He succeeds and fascinates in getting people in front of the camera who previously had no idea how much they can inspire and excite with the right perspective. There aren’t many days, when he does not have his camera in hand, because he never runs out of ideas for projects.

Moritz started his professional life with a classic commercial education, but quickly realized that he could only be happy with creative challenges. He worked in agencies and production companies as an all-rounder, was responsible for camera work, directing and post- production, and built up his own mainstay on the side. Then, at the age of 26, he founded his own production company. Moritz taught himself his know-how. With the dedication his incentive to give everything, to make the best out of his shots, he always outgrows himself.

Moritz learned as he produced, reworking when something wasn’t perfect enough for him. This allowed him to build and expand his extensive portfolio of skills.

When is work perfect for Moritz? For him, it’s not the lighting conditions and the right sound that make a video convincing. For him, it’s everything beyond that that shows how much a filmmaker has mastered the interplay of personalities, emotions and messages, how he can carry other people away and how strong his creativity is.