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Muratcan was born and raised in Southern Turkey. However, he found his passion in Istanbul, where Europe and Asia meet.

His passion about capturing images started in his early childhood with point and shoot cameras. Then, he was seduced by the charm of moving image and decided to become a cinematographer.

After attending film school, he began working in the industry and worked in hundreds of projects as a PA, and then as an AD and finally as an AC.

He started working as a cinematographer in 2013, and he has been shooting commercials, music videos, documentaries, and feature films ever since.
He worked for brands and clients like; Netflix, Burger King, Yumos(a.k.a. Snuggle/Kuschelweich/Robjin/Cajoline/mimosin), OMO(Surf), MediaMarkt, Turkish Airlines, Nivea, Shell etc.
He is crafting light to create beautiful images to tell stories as a cinematographer with an evolving passion.

Five of his works was shortlisted 2020 edition of Berlin Commercial’s Craft: Cinematography category.