MJAM – tvc, nobodyreadsthetext_


ABOUT YOU X NIKE – running

BELSAZAR – summer

VULCAZ – summer

XOUXOU – keep your hands free


nobodyreadsthetext_ – a fact director’s duo Kasia Rycerska and Milana Murzo discovered early on while working as digital marketers for a big conglomerate. Wanting to combine their marketing knowledge with their “I’m a bit of a weirdo”- artsy design aesthetic, they ventured out on their own and started creating highly visual, click-at-me-now-content for brands like Nike, Belsazar, About You and xouxou.

Their work often embraces unique concepts and ideas, incorporates surrealist elements, diverse casts, musical beats and stories, all made to live and thrive in the digital realm.

At the end of the day, they just want to do what they love and enjoy the process of creating engaging films for and with their clients. “ We try to live by a “no assholes policy”, putting the relationship with the people we work with above everything else. Good vibes create better outcomes – an approach that has never failed us or our clients before”