LOKA, Simon Jung

Simon Jung

LOKA – sjusovaren


SAVE THE CHILDREN – the inside

ATG – football


ADIDAS NMD – s1 for sns

DANIEL WELLINGTON – from smart to watch

ELKJOP – repairs, dc

KLARNA – heartbeat 4 sneakers – bonanza

VIAGRA BOYS – sports, mv


With an energy that rivals a rocket launch, Simon’s films take unexpected turns that can leave audiences in stitches. Inspired by the storytelling of Shaun the Sheep, he masterfully uses every frame to capture attention with heightened realities underlined with humor that catches viewers off guard.
Drawing from his marketing-oriented mentality and background as an advertising creative, Simon thrives on simple ideas that leave room for elevated manifestations, seamlessly sneaking a Trojan horse of energy into the audience’s experience.
But that’s not where Simon’s journey ends. With a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, earned while studying advertising and design at Beckmans College of Design, and a stint as an Interactive Art Director at Hyper Island, he’s fortified his creative arsenal. His thirst for understanding consumer behavior, honed through a background in sales, adds a layer of depth to his work that’s unparalleled.
His uncompromising vision and VFX savviness is matched only by his diplomatic and collaborative language, allowing him to bring out the best in his team and create exceptional films. 

Now, as he embraces a thrilling new chapter with Gesas, Simon’s commitment to growth finds a perfect canvas. With his unique blend of expertise from fashion-focused art direction to compelling documentaries on the graffiti culture, he’s poised to merge his storytelling prowess with Gesas legacy of excellence. Together, they’re set to redefine the art of visual storytelling, captivating audiences with films that resonate, entertain, and inspire.