PORSCHE – spyder rs, Stephan Telaar

Stephan Telaar

BMW – ixm60


VAILLANT mr heat, dc

PORSCHE 911 classic club coupe

BOY – musicvideo

MERCEDES BENZ x eqc x roger federer

LEVIS live in levis

MERCEDES BENZ roger federer



SERO musicvideo


I hate these. You either write about yourself in third person or you pretend someone else wrote this for you. Both scenarios feel weird to me. The former especially, right? Only creeps do that. But hey, here we go.

I am a self-taught Director based in Berlin & Düsseldorf. I’ve grown up in small town near the dutch border – spend my youth skateboarding, writing songs and calling my friends on the landline. Do you remember that? However, I studied Music and Visual Arts, where I fell in love with experimentation and visual story telling.

I also strive for depth and contrast in every way with human story and conflict at its core. Arbitrary is the enemy.

Let’s talk.