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Self-taught illustrator Sven Super (real name, you would be quite a dick to call yourself that) started as an in-house visualizer and storyboard artist at BBDO Amsterdam right at the beginning of the 90’s.

Being in love with film in all it’s facets, he attended every filmset of the spots that were eventually approved and executed.

After about a year and a half he left BBDO to stand on his own two pretty firm feet. He started freelancing, giving him the opportunity to work with about all the mayor agencies in the Netherlands.

Since he actually worked ‘at’ the agencies, together with the creative teams, he became very
familiar with what is essential in communicating a message or selling a product.

PMSvW/Y&R’s creative director, Paul Meijer (at that time becoming a famous commercial director himself), had him draw his shooting boards. Meijer also took him to scouting locations, casting sessions, and film shoots, where he really got the opportunity to observe and learn the trade.

Woking for more and more directors at various production companies doing their boards, he was invited in 1997 to become a director himself at Schiettent (The Shooting Gallery) Amsterdam.

Since then he has been doing projects non stop, perfecting his craft along the way. Which has become quite a long one, winning awards and working home and abroad for all kinds of
international brands, such as Volkswagen, Nike, EA sports and McDonalds.

He likes to really tell stories with a good sense of humor and getting the message across within the given amount of seconds. And comedy doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. As he likes to say: “I take my comedy pretty seriously.”