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The Hanke Brothers



EASY CREDIT co directed by Leeroy




The Twins Marcel and Dennis Hanke known as the HANKEBROTHERs are self- taught Director and DoP ́s based in Stuttgart.

Starting off with cameras from a very young age and thriving to create and follow their dream to become professional movie makers, not only as brothers but also as indestructible partners, while sustaining their differences and strengths.

Catching authentic emotions and composing them with a twisted unique story in a modern cinematography look and creating a whole other dimension for the viewer to dive into.

Moreover, amongst working in commercial film, the Twins produced music videos that have been rewarded with Gold and Platin Awards, valued and recognized by over a million views.

Contributing in dynamic performance, trust, expertise and value.
The Twins resemblance is striking and inspires an atmosphere of team spirit, still individually unique on their way to their final destination.