Showreel 2024,


SETRA – reveal

AMG GT – black series


MERCEDES BENZ – europapark


RED BULL – the maze


„Dynamic, fast and precise shots is probably the best words for describing the work of, which consists of Andre Jung and Daniel Wagner, who are constantly redefining and pushing the limits of the drone industry.

With self build fpv drones and cinema cameras on top, they are creating dynamic shots with the passion for new perspectives and possibilities.

Both strive for absolute professionalism when it comes to picture quality and also the work ethic on set. Working in commercial film and advertising productions is well know by the drone team and they feel just like home on set.

They’ve been working with productions like Tony Peterson Film,  NEUESUPER,  stinkfilms and have shot for clients Like Mastercard, Mercedes Benz, RedBull, Porsche, Zeiss and many more.

Andre & Daniel are rethinking the concept of the drone we all know and are creating something new and absolutly astonishing. The good thing: They just started!“