AUDI RS5, Tim Buchheister

Tim Buchheister




PORSCHE top 5 series secret prototypes


ST.PAULI goesUSA2019


I grew up in the city of Hamburg, chose Munich and London for soaking up the experience of filmmaking, before I moved back to Hamburg many years later.
From script to screen and beyond, I just love every single step in the process.

Focused on the key message of the script, I use all kinds of aesthetic languages, visuals and technologies to deliver a unique piece of work to the client and their audience.

Numerous years of experience gained worldwide made me a truly team player and fun to work with.

Audi, Mercedes, VW, Porsche, Samsung, Deutsche Bahn, FC St Pauli, Deezer, OBI, Spee, Datev, Voestalpine, Nivea, Tamaris, Cewe, Car to go, O`Neill, Burton, QuickSilver, Parship, Yogurette, Stage, Lexware, Rebelle, and more….